The perfect time.

I’d like to think I’m saving us for the perfect time. For the time when we’ve grown on our own and we’ve learned to love ourselves. I like the thought of coincidentally running into you in a street somewhere back in town after not having talked for years. I would notice you first but pretend … More The perfect time.


Every person you meet in life is a lesson to learn. Some, you’re close with. Others, you don’t notice as much. They could be that cashier you interact with occasionally as they complete your order of McDonald’s. They could be that acquaintance you’re reluctant to say hi to as you pass by each other in … More Lessons

How it ended

From fifty-two weeks before From when I broke my promise From unreplied texts and calls ignored From change of hearts and numbing feelings To one-word conversations, To slow replies, To nothing. At all.

Try Again.

2016 definitely isn’t my year. I went from one failure to the next, not realizing that I’m headed to another round of failures. Right now I feel so down, hopeless… It feels like I’m never gonna be good enough. I want to give up already. I’m tired of getting back up. However, a part of … More Try Again.

I wonder.

I wonder how it must feel       to be the reason for your smile;             to lock your fingers with mine;                    to feel the warmth of your arms around my waist;              the tickle … More I wonder.

Dear Younger Self

First of all, smile. I know mornings make you grumpy, but do not get used to frowning. You will have bad days, but that doesn’t mean you can take out your anger on your mom, on your friends, or on God. It won’t make things any better. Sometimes you just have to keep things to … More Dear Younger Self